Welcome to Havana, welcome to Cuba!

Hi I’m Anita! I was born in Havana and I have lived in Italy for the past ten years. As I reflected on how to introduce myself, I asked myself: Why don’t you do it in a different way? And since I like reading and I love my country, I thought that this sentence from Alejo Carpentier’s “The Kingdom Of This World” represents me best: “In Latin America, the marvelous is found around every corner, in the disorder, in the picturesque beauty of our cities… in our nature… and also in our history”

Welcome to the house I was born and have grown up in ¡WELCOME TO THE HAVANA VERA!

Why Havana Vera Holiday Home?

It has this name because looking from the balconies one sees an animated neighborhood, with the sounds, emotions and sensations of the real people of Havana. The ones that get up in the morning and go to work, the children who go to school in their characteristic school uniforms etc. At the corner in front of the house “the Bodeguero” is located where Cubans goes shopping with the “libreta de la bodega” (book card).  This card is given to the people by the state and enables them to get rationed foods at reasonable prices. From the house you can also hear the daily passage of “Los Pregoneros” (picturesque peddlers) and the distant musical notes of an orchestra playing a mambo or a salsa.

Therefore you won’t live isolated as a tourist in a painted postcard with the usual palm. You will instead be immersed among the real Cuban people, enjoying an ideal comfortable home from which to experience the intense atmosphere of authentic Havana.

Discover the house and the rooms


Upon your arrival at the airport, our driver will be waiting for you with the “Havana Vera” sign to take you home. At home, Marila will receive you with refreshments. Furthermore she will give you the keys and show you the apartment. You can ask her any information about the city, car rental, excursions and the WI-FI connection. Upon request Havana Vera can provide breakfast service ala the B&B formula for an additional fee.


The transfer service to and from Josè Martì (HAV) airport in Havana is optional. The cost is 30 cuc each way, for night service the cost is 35 cuc.
For stays longer than 15 days, the airport-home transfer is FREE! Our driver will be at the airport waiting for you with a “HAVANA VERA” sign.


In the heart of downtown Havana, between Campidoglio and Malecon

Havana Vera Holiday Home is located in the center of Havana; a five minute walk from the famous Capitol, ten minutes from Old Havana and the renowned seafront esplanade of Malecòn.

The exact address is Rayo 372 between Maloja and Sitios.